March is Poison Prevention Month — a time to remind ourselves of our responsibility to keep our pets safe from poisonous substances. Do you know that some common pet toxins are regular items found in our own homes? They may be safe for humans but are extremely harmful to your furbabies.

Keep Out Of Reach of Pets: 4 Most Common Pet Toxins Found In Your Home

Human Medications

Do you have maintenance medications for chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease? What about antidepressants, OTC painkillers, diet and herbal pills, cold and flu medicines and even the ‘good for you’ vitamin supplements? Keep these locked up the medicine cabinet as they are potentially lethal to your pets even in small doses.

Pets ingesting human medicine is usually accidental. For example, you dropped a pill on the floor, and your pet happens to find it. So take it when your cat or dog is not around or be very careful.

If you think your painkiller can help your pet with any discomfort, think again. One regular strength Ibuprofen pill can cause stomach ulcers in a 5-kilogram pooch. So, NEVER let them take any human medication without the vet’s advice.

Garden and House Plants

Whether they are outdoor or indoor, plants make the surroundings beautiful. They add colour to the scenery, help purify the air, and they make lovely ornaments in your home.

Sadly, one of the common pet toxins is some plants, including Tulips and Lilies. Avoid bringing them in your home or planting them in your garden. Hire a professional gardener or a botanist if you’re unfamiliar with plant species.

Household Products

Cleaning products such as bleach, soap and shampoo for bathing, fabric softeners and toilet cleaners are toxic. They keep our homes smelling fresh, but they are made of chemicals that are dangerous to pets and humans when ingested and inhaled. Most products are safe to use as long as you follow the directions for use on the label.

Vinegar and water solution is an alternative to commercial cleaning agents. Many people think that since it’s natural, it won’t be harmful to animals. However, vinegar is typically acidic and depending on the solution concentration, it can act as an irritant and can cause adverse reactions to cats and dogs.

Essential oils are marketed as a wellness product, but they can cause central nervous system depression, stomach upset and even liver damage if ingested in large quantities. Cats are sensitive to essential oils, so keep them away when you want to enjoy some essential oils-induced relaxation. Inhaling oils could lead to aspiration pneumonia for pets.

Regular Human Food

Some food we regularly have like grapes, mushrooms, onions and coffee are common pet toxins. Check out the list here: Toxic Foods For Cats and Dogs

Signs That Your Pet Ingested Common Pet Toxins

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Hypersalivation
  • Lethargy
  • Restlessness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Seizures

Pet Poisoning Prevention and What To Do If It Happens

  • Research and familiarise yourself with common pet poisons, especially those that may be in your home.
  • Consider putting locks on cupboards and cabinets under the sink. Pets, especially pups and kittens, are inherently curious and won’t hesitate to explore. They will lick or gnaw on anything they see, so pay very close attention.
  • Keep any toxins out of reach of your fur buddies.
  • Have emergency numbers easily accessible. Include your vet’s phone number and directions to your local 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital.
  • If you believe that your pet ingested poison, do not wait for signs to develop and immediately take them to the vet.

Pet Poison Prevention Month: Keep Pets Away From Common Pet Toxins

This March, let us do everything to ensure our cherished animals are safe in our home and free from common pet toxins. Share this blog to all your family and friends, so they can become aware of harmful substances to pets that may be in their homes.

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