Dogs need to relieve themselves, regardless of the weather. Rainy days don’t need to put a damper on walks with your dog as long as you follow these 5 tips for taking your dog out in the rain. 

Bring an Umbrella or Wear a Raincoat 

Protect yourself from the rain by equipping yourself with an umbrella or raincoat. It’ll save you from a drenching and possibly falling ill. If you live in an area that gets rain often you should also consider buying a raincoat for your furry friend at your local pet shop. This will help protect them from the weather and will save you time when drying them off once you get home.

Rethink Your Route

Depending on the severity of the rain, you may want to rethink the route of your walk. If there is heavy rain it is likely you won’t want to be outside for long. Consider shortening your route so that your dog has the chance to relieve themselves and you avoid getting soaked.  

Wear Something Reflective

Ensure you or your dog is wearing something reflective. In heavy rain you and your dog will become less visible to traffic. By wearing something reflective you increase your visibility, which increases the safety of yourself and your pet. 

Use a Reliable Harness or Collar and Leash

When taking your dog out make sure you use a reliable harness or collar and leash.  The last thing you want is your dog breaking free and running away in the rain. 

Have Towels Ready at the Door

Before leaving on your walk, be sure to have towels ready to dry your dog at the door when you come home. This will prevent your wet dog from running all over the house and making a mess. 

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