Dogs and cats have always been the favourite pets of many. In Australia, 61% of households have pets. 40% of them have dogs, and 27% have cats. So, if you’re thinking of taking care of pets other than dogs and cats, know that you’re not alone; you can join the 33% of the population.

4 Lovable Pets Other Than Dogs And Cats


They may not be the cuddly type, but they sure are pretty! Fish make great pets for those who are allergic to fur. Depending on the breed, they can live up to 20 years and can grow to 10 to 20cm.

They are very quiet; definitely, no barking and meowing. Many find taking care of them soothing and more manageable than other animals. The hard work would go mainly on aquarium maintenance, where you need to clean it regularly and consider specific water chemistry and temperature to ensure each species need to survive.

The most popular breeds are goldfish and angelfish.

Guinea Pig (Cavies)

Intelligent, friendly, fun and super cute are some of the words that best describe the cavy. They belong in the rodent family and can be kept indoors or out. You can feed them fruits and vegetables (particularly those rich in Vitamin C) or those pre-mixed food.

Being highly sociable, a guinea pig should have another one of their kind as a companion. They are tiny and fragile, so stroke them gently when petting. Children will find them adorable but supervise every interaction. Cavies can be stressed or injured easily if handled inappropriately.

Provide them with everything they need, and they can be wonderful house pets that can live up to seven years.


One of the most popular pets other than dogs and cats are these social, fun-loving, cuddly, furry rabbits. They are affectionate pets that children generally find lovable.

They eat grass, hay or fresh vegetables. Rabbits are also exactly how they are portrayed in the media. They may be little and delicate, but they are quick, energetic, curious and intelligent. With patience, they can even be toilet-trained. They need regular exercise outside their hutch. Those kept in smaller cages tend to be bad-tempered.

Please note that some states and territories do not allow rabbits as house pets, so it’s best to check your area.


Having birds as pets come with several benefits. They are relatively easy to take care of, don’t take up too much room in the home as they live in cages, and from an aesthetic standpoint, they add colour and life to your home.

Birds are naturally flocking animals, so keep them with a compatible pair. Highly intelligent, they require positive mental stimulation. You can do this by regularly taking holding them for a few minutes daily. You can also give them bird toys and play music or videos. They also need physical stimulation, so provide them with regular opportunities to fly in a safe environment.

Tips on Adopting Pets Other Than Dogs And Cats

  • Do your research. Animals have different needs. Their diet, medication and ways to take care of them vary. Read books, watch educational videos or speak with a veterinarian.
  • Contact your local animal welfare department. Before adopting a pet, make sure that the animal is allowed in your area.
  • Speak with the people in your household. Make sure that everyone’s on board with having a pet, especially if it’s not the usual pooch or a kitty. Not everyone finds pets other than dogs and cats amusing.

When choosing pets other than dogs and cats, ask yourself these two questions — can I take care of their needs and are they suitable for my lifestyle? Adopting pets, regardless of what they are, is a commitment. Remember that their life is in your hands. You will become their caretaker and their pet parent, so be ready to give them what they need. The reward of having a loving pet in your life also comes with responsibilities that you have to fulfil.

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