What To Look For When Buying A Shelter Dog

What To Look For When Buying A Shelter Dog

Walking into an animal shelter can be quite overwhelming with the sounds of the rattling of cages from anxious dogs to the howls of abandoned, lonely souls. Often shelter dogs have had their lives flipped upside down, and most animals, like humans, just want to be...

Can Dogs Grieve?

Can Dogs Grieve?

It’s widely known that dogs, like other pets, can experience emotion. We know a dog is happy from the wag of their tail, angry from the sound of their bark, or scared when their tail is between their legs. However, you may wonder how complex their emotions really are,...

Tips To Enjoy Holiday Travelling With Pets

Tips To Enjoy Holiday Travelling With Pets

Christmas season is coming, and this means it's time for a holiday getaway! Of course, as cherished parts of the family, your four-legged friends will also join in the fun. So if you're thinking of travelling with pets, planning is essential. Here are things to...

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