All pet owners eventually have to make the difficult decision of how to lay their beloved furry companions to rest. Cremation is a safe and excellent way to provide a final farewell. However, choosing a pet cremation service provider can be overwhelming as there are so many options. Before making any decisions, here are some factors you need to consider.

What To Take Into Account When Choosing a Pet Cremation Service Provider:

Company Credentials and Legitimacy

It is currently not a legal requirement to be licensed to operate a pet cremation business in Australia. Nevertheless, most states still require approval from their local council to carry out such services. Ask your local government for a list of companies allowed to operate in such a capacity.

Alternatively, you can browse through the company’s website and check their social media accounts for any recent posts and reviews. Reach out to previous customers who can vouch for their service. 

Another strong indication that it’s a legitimate business is an existing, operational physical office. Speak with staff members about their services and arrange for a tour of their facilities, if possible.

Overall Process

Perhaps the most important factor is the process of how they will be handling your pet’s body from start to finish. 

Whether you choose a door to door service where they collect the body from your home and deliver the ashes back to you, or you prefer to bring your pet to their facility, make sure the arrangement is the most convenient for you.

In terms of the cremation process, understand the difference between a single and group cremation. A single cremation ensures that the ashes you will be getting back are 100% your pet’s. A group cremation involves multiple animals being cremated together with no promise of whose remains you’ll get at the end. 

Service Inclusions/Special Arrangements

Not all providers offer the same things, and some may be better for your needs than others. For example, does the company provide personalised urns, keepsake boxes or memorial products? Are they willing to support practices that need to be honoured in your religion or culture? Are they amenable for viewing before the cremation, and do they have a facility for it? Do they have a more creative, upscale way of saying goodbye to your pet?

Choose the service that can provide you with what you want, and don’t hesitate to set expectations. Only then can you determine whether they can provide the service you need.

Pricing/Payment Options

Consider what works with your budget when it comes to your pet’s cremation. In Brisbane, the average cost starts at $280. The price can go up depending on various factors, such as size and any additional services you may want to include.

Ask for available payment options. Some services offer discounts if you pre-pay while others will work with you to set up an affordable monthly plan to be more manageable financially.

Pick What Works For You When Choosing a Pet Cremation Service Provider

Ultimately, all you want when your pet passes is to provide them with a graceful and dignified send-off. When choosing a pet cremation service provider, take into account your personal needs too. As it’s already a sad time, you need a company with services that will help make the process as convenient and as stress-free as possible.

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