In a topic not widely discussed in the veterinary industry, Palliative Care Veterinarian Dr Jackie Campbell has outlined key considerations for vets when choosing a pet crematorium to support their clients when pets pass away.

As one of the only internationally certified Palliative Care veterinarians in Australia, Dr Campbell stresses the importance of doing extensive research and being clear on your needs and the needs of your clients when liaising with pet crematoriums. 

Dr Campbell offers her expert tips: 

Physically visit the facility

When picking a pet crematorium, the first protocol vets should follow is physically visiting the crematorium. Although this not typical practice in the industry, Dr Campbell believes it is an integral component to being informed.

“It’s important to physically see the facility to ensure you are happy with the standard of care. At Sunset Vets we are a mobile pal-care team, who predominately work in the home environment with families. For us, it is important to work with crematoriums around logistics and timing,” says Dr Campbell. 

“We love working with Pet Angel Funerals because we know that their team will work really hard to be there for vets following home euthanasia appointments. In the home environment, time is of the essence, and a factor for us when working with a crematorium.”

Be clear with the crematorium

Do your research and be informed. Does the crematorium conduct private or group cremations? Ensure your client is informed about the differences between the two and that they understand the service they are choosing. 

“As vets we look for crematoriums that understand how important those pets have been to their owners. Most families just want their pets to be treated like a family member. Meaning that there is an expectation that the pet will be transported carefully, labelled and tagged the whole way through making sure that it’s the right pet coming back to their grieving owners,” says Dr Campbell. 

Ultimately, it’s more of a case of having a transparent and open policy – not only with the crematorium but your client as well. 

As experts in the profession, clients trust that their vet is well-versed on all aspects of pet care, including how to humanely and sympathetically deal with the death of their furry family members. When choosing a pet crematorium these factors must be taken into consideration. 

If you need support from a Palliative Care Veterinarian, contact the team at Sunset Home Veterinary Care.

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