It’s all over the internet, amazing photos and videos of dogs swimming and they’re showing some impressive skills, but not the adorable French bulldogs. They appear to have a problem keeping their heads above water, literally. Why can’t French bulldogs swim? Why do they need extra support when you put them in the water? Do they not love swimming? These are questions you may be asking when you’re a pet parent to this sweet dog breed.

Why Can’t French Bulldogs Swim?

Bulldogs, in general, aren’t the best swimmers. This breed has bulky torsos, flat snouts, thick muscles, and heavy bones, which means they are not built to float in the water for a long time.

Like other bulldog varieties, the French bulldogs have Brachycephaly, which means they possess a short, wide skull, giving them their trademark squashed face. This facial characteristic that many find irresistibly cute, unfortunately, causes many health problems for these canines, including having short nasal passages, snoring, snorting, partial airway obstruction and other respiratory issues.

Because of their flat noses, they need to tilt their heads up higher to keep their head out of the water, which means it’s more difficult for them to stay afloat. To add to the challenge, their heavy torsos and short legs are regarded as not particularly helpful when trying to swim.

What Can You Do To Help Your French Bulldog Enjoy Swimming?

As a general rule, you should NEVER let your French bulldog around water without PROPER PRECAUTIONS. Even slim and younger ones can only float for a short period. Exhaustion and humidity can also affect their ability to swim. Of course, these charming doggies also want to cool down, so here are some tips to help them stay safe and enjoy being in the water.

  • Put them in shallow pools or creeks. Make sure they can still reach the ground, so they don’t have to tilt their head up too high.
  • Get a high-quality canine life vest. To ensure your Frenchie is comfortable using it, let them wear the vest before going in the water. Reward them for being cooperative and exhibiting calm behaviour.
  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times. When French bulldogs start sinking, they tend to go all the way down, so don’t leave them unattended.
  • Consult with a professional dog swimming trainer to get the best advice on how your French furball can be introduced to water play or even be taught full-on swimming skills.

Why Can’t French Bulldogs Swim? Understanding Their Characteristics Will Help You Become a Responsible Owner Of A French Bulldog

Swimming is a fun and excellent form of exercise for your dog. The French bulldog’s inability to swim should not hinder you from giving your pet Frenchie a grand time when they’re in the water. To avoid risks of your dog drowning, make sure you always follow safety precautions. Please speak with your vet about any health concerns regarding your French bulldog taking their big plunge.

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