To avoid being exposed to and spreading the COVID-19 virus, everyone is encouraged to stay home. However, staying cooped up inside the house can be too dull, especially for dogs. They are the type of animals who love to run in the park, play fetch and have a swim at the beach. So as a pet parent, you can make staying home fun with these indoor activities for dogs that your furry buddy will surely enjoy!

5 Indoor Activities For Your Dogs

1. Practice Training

Now is a good time to teach new skills and brush up on fun tricks. Work on basic and even advanced commands that won’t require a lot of space. There are heaps of available resources online such as pet blogs, YouTube dog training tutorials.

2. Indoor Fetch

Give your buddy a little exercise by playing indoor fetch. While they can’t run across a field, you can use the hallway or the stairs of your home. Look for an area with a grippy surface so your dog won’t slip and slide. Remove any dangerous and breakable items and toss a ball that they can fetch. A hallway is perfect for indoor fetch.

3. Treat Hunting

Treat hunting is one of the many indoor activities for dogs that can make them 100% happy! They can do two of their favourite things: sniffing and getting treats! Get some yummy smelling treats and place them strategically around the house. Choose safe areas that your dog can navigate. Hide them behind doors, under boxes or pillows, in the corners of the room and let your best buddy out for a hunting adventure.

4. Movie Time

Yes, your pet is as much of a Netflix lover as you! Although dogs do not quite see the screen the way humans do, they can still recognise movement and respond to the sound. Watching movies is an excellent way for your dog and you to bond and chill. So get the popcorn ready and cuddle up with your furball by the couch and enjoy a fun movie together.

5. Play a Game of Tug of War

Dogs will never say no to a game of tug of war. It’s a foolproof activity to engage and entertain them. It’s a fun game, and it’s a great way to mentally and physically exercise your innately playful pet. As a bonus, it has been found that dogs that play tug with their pet parents have higher confidence and are more obedient.

Indoor Activities for Dogs: Creativity is Key

Dogs need stimulation – mentally, physically and emotionally. When they don’t have anything to do, they get bored, and this causes them to become restless and begin acting up. During this period, when we are all safer staying home, putting some creativity into choosing indoor activities for dogs will make it well worth your time.

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