General FAQs

What do I do when my pet passes away?

Pet Angel offer pet cremation services for your pet when they pass away. Phone 1800 PET ANGEL (1800 738 264), 7 days a week between 8am – 6pm to arrange the collection of your pet from your home or veterinary clinic. One of the friendly Pet Angel staff will guide you through the process.

I have a question about a particular product and service, who should I contact?
Most of the details we have about our products and services are on the website www.petangel.com.au However, if you have a more specific query, phone us on 1800 PET ANGEL (1800 738 264) or email us at [email protected].
Do you have a premises I can visit?

Yes, please feel free to visit Pet Angel Funerals in the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Please check the contact page for office hours.

Gold Coast:  3/21 Expansion Street, Molendinar QLD 4214. Brisbane: 9/66 Pritchard Rd, Virginia QLD 4014

What areas do you service?

Pet Angel currently service Brisbane (as west as Ipswich and as far north as Cabooluture), Gold Coast, and Northern Rivers. Please phone 1800 PET ANGEL (1800 738 264) to enquire about servicing your area.

Do you offer home euthanasia?

No, this needs to be performed by veterinarian. Pet Angel recommend compassionate vets that offer home euthanasia. Phone 1800 PET ANGEL (1800 738 264), to discuss the options available to you.

Do you offer a home burial service?
No, unfortunately we do not offer a home burial service.
Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, Pet Angel offer Payment Plans through Zip Pay and Vet Pay.

Where do I send my personalised urn photo to?
Email your photo/s to [email protected].
I have a different question
Please phone us on 1800 PET ANGEL (1800 738 264) or email us at [email protected] with your enquiry.


How do I know my pet’s ashes are guaranteed to be theirs?
Our ethical standards of separation are maintained by a unique tagging system. Each pet has their own identification tag from the moment they are brought into our care, it is then matched with each piece of paperwork and checked continuously throughout the cremation process. Our purpose-built separate chamber pet cremators are made especially for individual pet cremations with only one pet in each chamber at a time to ensure you receive all of your pet’s ashes, and only your pet’s ashes.
What is pet cremation?
Cremation is a technical heating process, whereby the remains are consumed by intense heat.
Do you offer a paw print and lock of fur?

Yes, Pet Angel offer all customers the option of having an ink paw print and lock of fur complimentary with each individual cremation package.

Can I witness my pet’s cremation?
Yes, you may witness the beginning of the cremation process in the Pet Angel viewing room. An additional charge applies. This service is only available for the first cremation of the day (early morning).
Do you only cremate cats and dogs?
No, we offer cremation of other small pets such as guinea pigs, lizards, snakes and rats. We cannot cremate horses.
Can I supply my own urn with a cremation?
Yes, if you have a preferred urn we will happily place your pet’s ashes in it for you for the price of an Individual Cremation with Scatter Box.
What happens to my pet’s ashes if I do not want them returned?
If you do not want your pet’s ashes returned, the ashes will be scattered in a dignified manner on your behalf. Please view the Cremation with a Friend service on the Cremation page.

Contact Pet Angel Funerals

Phone: 1800 PET ANGEL (1800 738 264)
Email: [email protected]

Gold Coast

3/21 Expansion Street,
Molendinar QLD 4214


9/66 Pritchard Rd,
Virginia QLD 4014

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