Pet Memorial Products

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Cherish your pet’s life with a beautiful memorial product.

Memorial products are additional pieces that can be purchased with a cremation package, or on their own.

Looking for something more personalised? Pet Angel support local businesses

Pet Angel recommend and support local businesses that help with commemorating the life of a precious pet, and that offer services that Pet Angel doesn’t provide.

Pet Pawtraits by Jilly Gray

My sunshine doesn’t come from the skies. It comes from the love that’s in my pet’s eyes.” (unknown)

Jilly Gray has the ability to paint character in her portraits and believes that the eyes are the connection to the soul.  The eyes often reflect the character and mischief of a dog or the individual personality of your kitty.  This can be especially true for remembering how cute they were when they were young or for keeping the memory of a now departed pet’s presence in the house.  After all, they were family.

To order your unique portrait, please contact Jilly on 0419 146 556

Ash To Art

Born and bred in a family home on the Gold Coast, Ash to Art has been inspired by the love, life and loss that surrounds us everyday. We make art, pendants and jewellery influenced by memories and crafted from ashes. We are people who have experienced the joy of love and the heartbreak of loss and we understand the desire to always keep a piece of a loved one close. To find out more visit

Matt Hill Projects
Man’s Best Friend

“Be it a memorial or a dog you always wanted, I can recreate your furry best friend – in 3D steel form!

Dogs fascinate me. They’re loyal companions, always happy and man’s best friend. I’ve owned two Labradors, who’ve both served as inspiration in the past. Other pets will also find these dog sculptures intriguing, which adds to the fun!

Based on images provided by you, I can recreate your best friend in their favourite pose, whether that be standing, sitting or sleeping.”

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