The holiday season is full of joy and celebrations, but it can be a dangerous time for pets. Every year, thousands of animals get lost, injured, or pass away for various reasons during the Christmas or New Year’s season. That’s why it’s essential at this time of year to be more mindful of our pets and to take extra steps to ensure our furry friends stay safe and sound. Here are some tips on keeping pets safe during the holidays.

6 Ways Of Keeping Pets Safe During The Holidays

Prepare Your Guests

Before having guests, ensure everyone knows you have a pet/s in the house. Explain the importance of keeping all external doors and gates closed, and ask them to avoid giving treats or food without permission from you or another caregiver.

Secure Gates and Doors

When guests arrive at your home, ensure that all gates and doors are securely shut when they enter to ensure your pet doesn’t go outside unsupervised. Even if you think they won’t try to run away, accidents can still happen, especially when there is a lot of commotion around the house. Consider installing a baby gate in doorways or keeping your pet in a separate room with the door closed if necessary.

Be Aware of Toxic Foods For Pets

Watch out for potentially dangerous food and drinks for your pet. Despite their adorable pleadings and giving you puppy eyes, please resist the temptation to indulge them, as even small amounts can be lethal.

Examples of toxic foods/drinks usually prepared during the holidays are:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Christmas Ham
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit Cakes
  • Grapes
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Raisins

Check if your furbaby shows typical signs of ingesting these foods, such as diarrhoea, poor breathing and vomiting. If so, call your veterinarian.

Identification Tags

Ensure your pet always wears an identification tag on their collar in case they get lost during the holiday season. If you’ve recently moved or changed phone numbers, update the information on their tag and any online profiles associated with microchipping services.

Keep Christmas Decors Out-Of-Paws

Decorating for the holidays is a tradition that brings festive cheer and joy, but it’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind. From glass baubles, and ceramic or metal Christmas balls to electric lights and tinsel (all are fascinating for pets), certain decorations can be hazardous and cause injuries if chewed or swallowed. Human edible decors can also be tempting for pets. However, they are usually loaded with sugar, which is terrible for animals. Be sure to hang these edible decors higher to keep them out of reach.

Enrichment Toys

If you’re going to another house to celebrate, be mindful of how much time your pet spends alone. Consider providing enrichment toys such as puzzle feeders or interactive toys to keep them occupied while everyone is busy celebrating elsewhere. By doing so, they’ll stay entertained throughout the day and will have something fun to look forward to when everyone else returns home at night.

Keeping Pets Safe During The Holidays Should Be A Top Priority

The holiday season is an exciting time of year, and with all the festivities and other Christmas and New Year events, many of us may unintentionally forget our pets. Taking these extra precautions for keeping pets safe during the holidays will help ensure you have peace of mind while enjoying all the grand celebrations.

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