The Australian summer seems well and truly upon us as temperatures soar, we humans sweat and our beloved dogs slobber.

Sometimes it truly is just too dang hot to venture outside.

So what do we do to keep our dogs entertained and their lives enriched when the mercury rises?

Luckily, there’s plenty of fun activities you can do with your dog that will tire them out, stop the boredom creeping in and keep them from eating the couch in frustration.

Let the games begin:

  1. Hide and seek. Hide your dog’s favourite toy or treats around the house and ask them to find it. Alternatively, you could hide yourself and let them seek you out. As they progress and understand the game make it harder and harder for them.
  2. Trick training. There are plenty of online resources to teach you to teach your dog to do tricks. Your dog will learn lots of cool stuff and be the life of the party when you have friends over. 
  3. Cardboard boxes. Most dogs enjoy rummaging in cardboard boxes. Simply scrunch up loads of paper in there with a handful of treats and off they go. You could also try a pool shell full of plastic balls and add a favourite toy or treats for them to hunt.
  4. The Cup Game. Place three cups in a row upside down. Place a treat under one of them. Your dog will have to guess which one contains the treat. Alternate which cup hides the treat.
  5. Snuffle Mat – a snuffle mat is a rubber mat with long pieces of material in which to hide treats. Dogs love ‘em! You can make your own or buy them readymade.
  6. Treat Balls & Puzzle Toys. There are plenty of different types of treat balls and puzzle toys to suit your dog. Your dog will interact with them in order to find their hidden treats.
  7. Obstacle Course. Build an obstacle course your dog has to navigate to get to you or a treat. You can use what ever is at hand (ie bottles, chairs, boxes, books etc) and make it suitably challenging for your dog depending on what level they are at. 

So next time you open the door to an outdoor furnace, consider closing it again and choosing one of the above top tips to keep your dog entertained and enjoy some quality bonding time together.

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