When your cherished pet passes, it’s natural that you want to find unique ways to honour them even after the process of dog cremation. Are you thinking of beautiful ideas on what to do with a pet’s ashes? Here are some ways to remember your furbaby using their ashes.

What To Do With Pet’s Ashes: 8 Ways To Show Your Love


Scattering has become one of the most popular things to do with a pet’s ashes. For many families, it can be a cathartic ritual. It gives them that moment to focus on grieving and remember the happy times. The act itself, in many ways, signifies sending their furbaby off to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Think about a special location to scatter the ashes, such as your pet’s favourite beach or park. If it’s a public place, make sure you get permission. Pet Angel also offers “Cremation with a Friend” service (when you don’t want the ashes returned to you), where we scatter your pet’s ashes together with other pets at Eden Ridge Farm.


Many families opt to bury their pet’s ashes in their gardens or pet cemeteries. A great way to go about it is using eco burial uns, usually made of sustainable bamboo and biodegradable products.

Contact your local council to find out their laws on burying your pet’s ashes on your property.

Water Burial

Scattering ashes in the ocean or other waterways has been a long standing tradition. Today, many pet parents also do this when their pets pass. They rent a boat and go out on the open sea, holding an intimate ceremony with friends and family members present. Many choose to use biodegradable urns when releasing the pet’s ashes into the water.

Tree Memorial

Another lovely idea is to grow a tree memorial. This option has become more prevalent in recent years. Place the ashes in biodegradable urns and follow the instructions on planting your tree of choice. You can do this in your garden, which allows you to see another life flourish after your pet has passed.

Learn More: https://soultrees.com.au/


Keep your furbaby close to you by using custom created jewellery with pet’s ashes in them. Some of the most favoured choices are lockets that can hold your pet’s ashes, necklaces, bracelets and even diamonds and other gemstones. 


Pet Portrait – Commission a pet portrait and request the artist to add a tiny amount of your pet’s ashes with the paint they will use. 

Glass Memorials – Many glass artists can incorporate your pet’s ashes in handmade pet glass memorials. They’re beautiful pieces great to use as home decors and even jewellery.

Sculpture – Ashes to Art creates various items, such as figurines, pendants, photo frames, and paperweights, and they’re all made of pet’s ashes. 


Tattoos are a fantastic way to honour your furry friend forever. If it’s your style, there’s a safe and hygienic way to infuse the ink with a pet’s ashes, making the body art more memorable. 


Some of the most beautiful ideas on what to do with a pet’s ashes are little things that you can hold and keep with you. Pet Angel provides you with the option to have a portion of your pet’s ashes inside memorial products such as our Memory Bearskeyring lockets and mini urns.

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