One of your must-dos, as a cat owner, is choosing the right cat litter. Sounds easy enough? Not quite. There are some factors to consider and several types of cat litter in the market. If you pick something your feline friend doesn’t like, you may run the risk of them rejecting the cat litter box altogether – you certainly DO NOT want that.

What To Consider When Choosing the Right Cat Litter

Cat Surface Preference

Some cats develop an affinity to textures such as potting soil, carpet and bedding. Their preference may have to do with having sensitive paws. If you’re adopting from a shelter or a previous owner, it’s best to ask what type of litter the cat is accustomed to so you can use the same one at home. If you have a new kitten or adopted a stray, you’ll have to test different types of litter and see what they like.

Cat Litter Allergy

Similarly to humans, cats can also develop allergies; kittens and seniors are the most susceptible. Watch out for possible allergens found in your cat litter such as silica, dust and fragrances. Please pay close attention to how they act after they use the litter box. If they display symptoms of allergy, consult with your vet right away.

Choosing The Right Cat Litter: Clumping or Non-Clumping

Although there are several types of cat litter, they fall into two main categories.

Clumping Litter

Usually made of Bentonite, clumping litter quickly absorbs moisture. It forms into solids or clumps, making it effortless to scoop out. The rest of the litter remains dry, so you only have to do a thorough cleaning and litter replacement, every two weeks. They also have odour-neutralising ingredients for an aroma-free litter box. Clumping litter is a convenient and economical choice for pet parents.

Non-Clumping Litter

Scooping out faeces from non-clumping litter is easy, but since it typically absorbs moisture slowly, urine will get soaked up. You’ll need to do more frequent cleanouts and complete litter replacement, usually every one to two days.

Here Are Common Types Of Cat Litter

When choosing the right cat litter, you should review features such as their scent, ingredients, and their environmental effects. You should also consider your cat’s needs, your budget and how convenient it is for you to maintain it.

  • Clay – Available in both clumping and non-clumping. Clay-based litter is the quickest to absorb moisture. It’s heavy and creates a lot of dust. Unfortunately, it’s non-biodegradable, so it goes straight to the bin.
  • Crystals – Made of 100 per cent silica gel beads.  They are dust-free, so it keeps the area around the litter box tidy. It’s on the pricey side, though, and can be dangerous when ingested.
  • Natural Cat Litter – Some examples of natural cat litter are corn, wheat, pine, wood, plant or recycled paper. They are usually biodegradable, eco-friendly, flushable and compostable. They are absorbent with excellent odour control.

Scented Or Unscented

It’s important to note that scented cat litters don’t eliminate odour; it just masks it.  It helps to avoid having the unpleasant smell lingering in your home. Given that cats have a more sensitive sense of smell, you can choose cat litters that aren’t heavily scented. Some felines may also be allergic to scented ingredients included in the litter so test different brands and see how your furry babies react to them.

Keep It Clean

Choosing the right cat litter is as vital as keeping the litter box well-maintained. Scoop the box as often as necessary daily. Make sure you do a thorough cleanout by washing the litter box with soap and water and replacing the entire litter regularly.

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