Losing a pet can be so hard. Our pets quickly become part of our families and once they’re gone, they leave tiny paw prints on our hearts that stay with us forever. 

While we may only have them for a portion of our lives, to them we are their whole life. When the time comes that they must leave us, we owe it to their memory to say farewell in a loving way that honours the impact they had on us. 

For many pet owners, cremation is preferred because it is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than a traditional burial. In addition, you can keep your pet’s ashes close by creating a memorial inside your home.  

When choosing a pet crematorium, be sure to do some research into the facilities near you and identify the ones that are privately-owned versus those owned by major corporations. The difference between the two can be significant, especially when it comes to cremation processes and practices.

Pet Angel Funerals now stands alone as the only major family-owned independent pet crematorium servicing south-east Queensland and the Northern Rivers area. While other companies often perform group cremations, the Pet Angel team of dedicated animal lovers remains a rare breed with a 100% individual pet cremation guarantee. This gives clients peace of mind, knowing the ashes they receive following cremation are that of their pet’s. 

Founder of Pet Angel Funerals Tom Jorgensen says it best: “We want our clients to feel reassured that their pet is in the care of people who will give them a graceful and dignified service.”

This is an important sentiment that goes a long way with pet owners.

Once you’ve done your research and have found a company that aligns with your beliefs, schedule a call or visit the crematorium so you can tour the facility. You want to know that your pet is in the best hands.

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