Many of us would never consider a holiday without taking along the beloved family pet. Thanks to the increasing number of owners wanting to take a break with their furry friends, there are so many more accommodation options available.

The big question is – how do you choose the best destination for your pet friendly holiday?

First, it is important to consider when you plan to go on holiday. What time of year are you considering and are there any seasonal impacts? In Far North Queensland, jellyfish season is something to think about if you plan on holidaying at the beach. Or if you are thinking about heading to the snow, a Gold Coast dog may need extra provisions, including a jacket.

  • It’s also important to consider the activities you and your pet enjoy. If running along a sandy beach and crashing through the waves is not for you, what about hiking through the rainforest? Alternately you may enjoy relaxing with your pet next to a campfire, or in a boutique hotel room with puppychinos and doggy massages? These holiday goals will influence where you want to go.
  • However, there is no point in planning a wonderfully luxurious holiday on an island, if your four-legged best friend is terrified of flying. While there are medications and remedies to assist in travel anxiety, making the process easier and more pleasant for all is a sure-fire way to have a good holiday. And if it is a long drive to your destination, you will need to stop every two hours to let your pooch stretch its legs and relieve themselves if necessary. So, consider the distance to the destination and your means of travel to get there. 

After thinking through the seasonal impacts, the desired activities and distance, you should have narrowed down your holiday destination list!

Luckily with pet-friendly holidays on the rise there are many websites that can assist in finding accommodation:

Just remember to ask all the questions…no matter how small. Are pets allowed inside and/or on furniture? Do they have fenced, safe areas? Are there any limits or restrictions to the size and number of dogs allowed? Ask about nearby dog walks, dog-friendly beaches or any restrictions on where dogs can be taken. And of course, about any hidden fees relating to your pet. 

Happy Pet Holidaying! 

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