Have you always dreamed of having a pet cat? If you’re ready to open your home to a new feline friend, you have to know how to choose the right cat for you and your family. Unfortunately, a wrong match can cause frustration for you as a pet owner and behavioural issues for your cat. 

How To Choose The Right Cat: Factors To Consider

Lifestyle and Living Space

Think about your lifestyle and daily activities, Are you gone for long hours daily, and will they be left alone? Are you a homebody who enjoys an affectionate kitty that follows you around? Just like other pets, cats also need attention. Some breeds, however, require more or and some are perfectly okay alone, even for long stretches. 

Look at your living arrangement and living space too. Do you entertain a lot and may need a more friendly cat breed? Does your cat have plenty of room to explore? Find a cat breed with personalities that fit in with your lifestyle and are and where you live.

Household Make-Up

Before deciding on the type of cat, make sure everyone’s on board with having a pet in the home. Consider your household make-up. The cat needs to get along with everyone and vice versa.

If you have small children who still need a lot of care and attention, then a kitten may not be the best choice unless you have tonnes of patience and help. Watch out for adult cats that may have an aversion to little too.

Do you have family members with pet-related allergies? Think twice about adopting a cat or choose those considered ‘hypoallergenic cat breeds’ because they shed little to no fur.

It’s also important to consider the other pets already living in your home. Some pets love the company, and some don’t. Watch out for stress in cats and find ways to get them acclimated.


Some cat breeds may cost more to take care of than others. Consider breed size and weight, amount of food consumption, special dietary requirement, predisposition to health conditions or illnesses and whether they need regular professional grooming.

Cat Breed

Cats, in general, have a reputation for being mysterious and unpredictable. Fortunately, they come in various breeds that each come with unique personalities and temperament that you can match with yours. 

How to choose the right cat breed requires thorough research. Read tonnes of literature and watch educational videos about the topic from reputable websites. Speak with professionals like veterinarians or animal behaviourists. You can also gather first-hand experiences and valuable tips from other cat owners.

How To Choose The Right Cat: Always Consider Your Needs And Theirs Too

Having a furry feline friend to share your home can bring so much joy. Ultimately, however, you have to remember that being a pet parent is a responsibility. A great tip on choosing the right cat is to consider both your needs and the cat’s needs. When you do this, you will have your purrfect match!

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