Having your feline friend indoors is sometimes challenging and requires a few lifehacks to keep them entertained and safe at home without experiencing feelings of neglect. Cats often need attention and it is important to engage them in activities or change their surroundings to keep them healthy, active and happy.  

Here Are Some Of Our Tips On How To Keep Your Feline Friend Occupied And Engaged At Home

Build a ‘catio’ for your cat

Consider building a little cat patio – a ‘catio’ – on the porch or balcony so there is plenty of room for your cat to watch and explore the scenery outside while being safe. This is the latest innovation that caters to cats and lets them spend time in their catio for as long as they wish. There are plenty of varieties and it is something you could build on your own too, hence not spending much on it. Check out some designs here https://catiospaces.com/catios-cat-enclosures/diy-plans/

Playtime with your cat

Ensure you spend some time during the day playing with your cat. There are plenty of cat toys available to help you have fun. interactive play sessions help stimulate your cat’s energy and will bring them so much joy. Playtime is also important as it helps maintain a sense of companionship and connection between you and your pet. You can teach your cat some trick, all while keeping them healthy and moving. One example is to practice prey escape by getting toys that resemble a light threat. This will keep your cat physically and mentally alert while simultaneously activating their inner instincts and concentration. 

Change your cat toys regularly

Cats get bored with their toys very easily and have a habit of quickly losing interest. This leads to them becoming lazy and not moving much during the day. One way to control this is to give them access to selected toys for a limited period. Change them over often. Some of these toys can also be ‘self playable’ so that they keep themselves busy while you are not home or at work. 

Get cat-specific furniture

Scratching posts and artificial cat trees can be so beneficial to your cat’s wellbeing. Just like humans, our feline friends like having their own furniture. Since cats like scratching surfaces, this will keep them engaged for hours. 

A vertical space in your home can help them pass time

Most cats prefer to jump up and down, staying on top for some time so they can observe their surroundings. Building a small shelf, always following necessary safety requirements, will make them climb up and stay engaged. Having a cat tree is one way to quickly add vertical space in your home. 

Cats love to hide

Cats love to have a sense of power and often look for places to hide in the house and then jump out to astonish or scare their owners. Creating situations for them to do so will keep them interested for quite some time. For example, cardboard boxes provide perfect hiding spots for your cat. Creating tunnels or throwing a blanket on your coffee table are also alternative ideas to keep your cat ‘hidden’, giving them the chance to explore their inner thirst and zest for play. 

Expand your feline family

Most pets enjoy companionship and are so happy to find someone like them at home. Expanding your own feline family to include another cat is always a nice option. When you introduce your cat to its new friend, make sure you do it gradually so that they don’t feel neglected or replaced. Let them take their time adjusting to having a newcomer in the family.

Therapeutic movies for cats

Although this one is tricky, there are several therapeutic or nature-based movies that are recommended for cats to watch. Since leaving cats outside your home can prove to be dangerous, this is one way to show them a glimpse of nature without risking their lives. Such movies or short videos can be found on YouTube. This is a great example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2cVjKHY_X4

While these hacks may prove beneficial for your cat, it is also important to cat-proof your house. Below are some quick tips:

  • Be mindful of poisonous plants or trees in your backyard and ensure if you have any, your cat does not have access to them
  • Double secure electrical cords; your cat may see it as something to play with rather than a threat and could injure itself in the process
  • Check all doors and windows are locked, removing the possibility of your cat escaping
  • Always keep your toilet lid closed to avoid your cat from falling inside or drinking water
  • A fireplace, stove or any other hot areas of the house must be covered to keep your cat safe. If you light a candle, make sure your cat is not anywhere near and keep an eye out
  • Cats often love to hide, and unfortunately, a washing machine or dryer can be very attractive to them. Always look inside machinery before starting to operate them – you never know what may be inside!
  • Make sure to lock away all over-the-counter and prescribed medicines


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