Dogs are very energetic. They are constantly hoping to run or play with people or other animals! Sometimes in their efforts to find fun, they jump over fences. This is a risk to our dogs, and often there is a good reason why they want to break free.

Here Are Some Points To Keep In Mind If Your Pup Is Heading Over Fences.

Lack of interaction

Dogs are always looking to interact with people and keep themselves entertained. When their inherent desires are not fulfilled, they often become lonely and bored. This, in turn, generates a longing to leave home and explore the neighbourhood. Regular playtime and walks can help your dog stay ‘grounded’. It’s important to make sure all of your dog’s physical, social and behavioural needs are being met.

Companionship with other dogs

Dogs are usually in search of companionship with other dogs. They like to bond with their own, as we do. If a neighbour also owns a dog that your dog is familiar with and enjoys spending time with, they may make an effort to meet while you aren’t there, leading to jumping over the fence for a play date. In these circumstances, it may be useful to make a standing arrangement with your neighbour so the pets can get together for some ‘face time’.

Extra cautious nature of dogs

Certain breeds of dogs, especially those used as guard dogs, are ready to pounce at the slightest sound or sighting of something unusual.

Energetic nature of puppies or newborns

Puppies are extremely energetic and are constantly looking to explore their surroundings and have new adventures. With a zestful nature and still being at the learning stage before becoming properly trained, they are bound to travel to other parts of the neighbourhood for an adventure. It’s extremely important to minimise the time they are left alone. Perhaps you can take your puppy for a short walk in the middle of the day to break up the time period in the yard, especially if your puppy is yet to be desexed and fully vaccinated.

Here Are Some Suggestions To Stop Your Dog From Jumping A Fence

Add an upward extension to your fence

Using a conduit and chicken wire (with the sharp edges rolled inward), build an extension to your fence that bends inwards from top so that it removes the possibility of your dog attempting to jump over completely. This task is not very difficult and if you are not keen to hire a service company, you are able to fix it yourself by buying some simple tools.

Build a second interior fence for double protection

In addition to your main fence, build a second fence inside your yard just metres away from the primary fence as an extra precaution. This prevents them from accessing the main fence at all, let alone jump off of it and get lost.

Install a coyote roller on top of the fence

A coyote roller is an aluminium rod that can be fixed at the top of the fence. Naturally, the roller has a slippery surface to it and rolls, making it extremely challenging for dogs to get the grip for jumping over.


Adding dense shrubs around the inside and outside of the fence can not only protect your dog from escaping but also contributes to the environment and adds scenery to your yard. Likewise, you can add big rocks or bricks that complement the shrubs and decorate your yard with the intention of protecting your pet too.

Add concrete at the base of the fence

A lot of dogs tend to dig underground and create a tunnel to go to the other side of the fence. Once concrete is added, it eliminates the possibility to build any tunnels underneath. You can cover the concrete with shrubs or other plants so that it is not visible.

Simpler ways to prevent dogs from jumping fences

  1. Interact and spend more time with them throughout the day so that they don’t feel lonely.
  2. Walk your dog at least once a day making them leave the four corners of your home. This will give them a change of scenery and satisfy their need to see different things.
  3. When you are not home, make sure they have enough treats and toys so they want to stay in the yard.
  4. Avoid keeping items near your fence that can possibly assist your dog with the jump. This includes a garbage box, chairs or tables – anything that has an elevated height.
  5. Try limiting the view outside the fence. Some ways of doing so include adding a reed fence, planting trees (will need extra maintenance), and adding a rooftop for added safety and privacy.
  6. To know your dog’s whereabouts at all times, buy a GPS tracker so that in case of any fence jumping accidents, you are informed immediately.

It is always our responsibility to keep our dogs safe at all times. Jumping fences is the most common method of escape for dogs and it certainly isn’t too difficult to take some basic precautionary measures to avoid this happening to your beloved pet.

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