Walking your dog is a great physical exercise and boosts mental stimulation too. It can be a wonderful bonding experience. However, if your dog pulls, lunges, or tries to run off, it can turn into a stressful chore. Here’s a simple guide to help you train your dog to walk on a leash.

Train Your Dog to Walk on a Leash: 5 Steps to Follow

Introduce the Leash and Collar

It’s crucial to introduce your dog to the leash and collar. Let them sniff and explore these new items. Once comfortable, gently put the collar around their neck and attach the leash. Keep the process positive by rewarding them with treats and praise. Remember, at this stage, you’re not trying to walk anywhere yet. The goal is to get your dog comfortable with being on a leash.

Start Indoors

Start practising indoors where there are fewer things that distract. Hold the leash and call your dog to come to you. When they do, give them a treat. Repeat this process several times until your dog feels comfortable coming to you while having the leash in your hand.

Practise Walking Indoors

Next, start walking around your house with your dog on the leash. Keep the leash loose and use treats to encourage them to follow you around. If they pull, stop walking and don’t move until they return to you. It teaches them that pulling gets them nowhere.

Gradually Move Outside

When your dog gets used to walking on a leash inside the house, you can start training outside. Start in a quiet place with few distractions. As your dog gets better at leash walking, slowly go to a busier park or street.

Consistency is Key

Practise regularly and use positive reinforcement like treats, praise, or playtime. If you’re consistent and patient, your dog will learn to walk on a leash in no time.

Train Your Dog to Walk on a Leash and Have Fun

Walking a dog that is comfortable on a leash is a joyful, fun and peaceful shared experience for both furbaby and pet furparent. Whilst the training process requires time, patience, and consistency, the payoff is gratifying. Furthermore, many local councils require leash laws for safety, order and harmony. Therefore, to train your dog to walk on a leash is an important part of being a dog owner. 

With patient repetition, consistent practice, and positive reinforcement, you’ll soon have a dog who understands the rules and walks happily alongside you. Both you and your furry buddy can look forward to enjoyable walks, making every stroll a delightful experience. 

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