It’s never easy to lose a pet. With cats, in particular, pet parents get extremely attached to them as they can live anywhere from 12-20 years, sometimes even longer. As your feline baby grows old with you or perhaps gets sick, it’s best to watch out for signs your cat is dying. This will help you provide them with the proper care to keep them comfortable during this difficult time.

5 Signs Your Cat Is Dying

A cat exhibits behaviours that will let you know that the time is near; this is how they communicate with you. Here are some of the signs:

Lack of Interest In Eating and Drinking

Like other animals, it’s common for cats to lose their appetite toward the end of their lives. Their bodies know that it takes work to process food and drinks. Your cat may be too tired and weak to consume anything.

Extreme Weakness

You will notice your cat becoming more lethargic, sedentary and refusing to move. Their weakness will be very apparent in their hind legs, and they will also sleep a great deal more than usual.

Lower Body Temperature

A healthy cat’s temperature should be between 37-38 degrees Celsius. One of the signs your cat is dying is when they have lower body temperature. As the heart weakens, other body organs start to shut down, and the body temperature drops below 37. Use an ear or a digital rectal thermometer to check their temperature. You can also feel their paws, and if they’re cool to the touch, it could be a sign of their heart slowing down.

Changes in Appearance and Smell

Cats are meticulous groomers and love to spend time doing it. When they are approaching the end of life, they lose the energy to groom and begin to look messy and unkempt. They will also develop a detectable unpleasant odour due to toxins building up as their organs stop properly working. The smell gets worse over time since they don’t have a way to eliminate the toxins.

Seeking Solitude

Cats often withdraw and prefer solitude when they are gravely ill. In the wild, a dying cat instinctively understands that they are more vulnerable to predators. Hiding is a way to protect themselves. Domestic cats have adopted a similar instinctive behaviour.

Make Them Feel Comfortable When You See The Signs Your Cat Is Dying

As a cat owner, it’s tough to watch them as they get closer to the last moments of their life. Saying goodbye to your pet cat is a sad reality. Help them feel as comfortable as possible during this period by:

  • Providing them with a soft, warm, cozy bed.
  • Keeping their bedding clean, especially since they may experience incontinence.
  • Carrying them to the litter box if they are too weak to get up.
  • Consulting your vet for proper end-of-life care.

Towards the end of their life, give them more understanding and provide them with love and affection to show that you are with them until you finally say goodbye.

Show your appreciation for the wonderful pet they have been all those years by giving them a graceful and dignified send-off, something that they truly deserve. Contact us to find out more about our services.

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