Dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy, and walking them is not only an excellent physical activity but it’s also a fun bonding experience you can have with your pup. However, walking your dog during wet weather days can be challenging. It’s important to make sure you are prepared and have all the rainy day dog walking essentials before starting your stroll.

5 Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials Every Dog Parent Should Have


Waterproof Jacket (for you)

Make sure you have a waterproof jacket that keeps you dry as you take your pup out for fresh air. Look for features like adjustable cuffs, hoods, and pockets to keep items like treats and poop bags close at hand.

Doggy Raincoat/Poncho/Jacket

While it may seem silly to put clothing on your dog, it can actually help keep them warm and dry during rainy days. Look for lightweight fabrics that won’t hold too much water weight and cause discomfort when walking or running. Opt for those with adjustable straps, so the coat fits snugly around your pet’s body without being constricting or uncomfortable.

To make it more special, you can choose colours or designs that match your waterproof jacket, so both of you go out in style.

Adequate Footwear

Like humans, dogs’ feet or paws can get cold and uncomfortable walking in wet conditions. Sturdy shoes or boots with good tread will help keep your pup steady and safe from slippery, wet surfaces. Plus, cute little boots add an extra layer of protection against sharp objects like rocks or broken glass that could injure their delicate paws.

As for you, investing in some waterproof footwear will help keep your feet dry during long walks in the rain.

Waterproof Leash

Ensure you follow local leash laws that usually require dogs to be on a leash in public areas. One of the rainy dog walking essentials is a waterproof leash. Make sure you get one specifically designed to stand up to wet weather. Look for leashes made from waterproof materials such as neoprene or plastic for your pup to stay dry throughout your walk.

Poop Bags

While walking is a good form of exercise for your dog, it is also usually a time when they relieve themselves. With this said, having enough poop bags while out walking is a must, regardless of the weather.


The rainy weather is not ideal for dog walking, so to help keep your pet motivated, have available treats that you can give them when they show excellent behaviour as you go for a fun stroll in the rain.

No Need To Stay Indoors When You Have Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

While it may not be the best time to go for a walk, wet weather doesn’t have to mean staying indoors all day long with your furbaby. Just make sure to focus on safety. Be mindful of slippery surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, and puddles that could cause injury, and always watch where each paw step goes! With these rainy day dog walking essentials, taking your pup out for a stroll on a rainy day can be a safe and enjoyable experience. Happy walking!

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