Like children, pets can be very curious; and as pet owners it is our duty to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our beloved animals. 

When you introduce a new pet to your family they will naturally want to explore and get into mischief. While we simply cannot be at home watching their every move, there are some things pet owners can do to keep furry friends safe. 


  • Use childproof locks and latches to prevent pets mistakenly opening cabinets 
  • Store medications and cleaning solutions on high shelves, or in places where you can be assured that your pet won’t be able to access.
  • Secure rubbish bins with latches or store in secured cabinets.
  • Store food away from places your pet can access. While certain foods are perfectly safe for humans, they could be potentially life threatening to pets (i.e. chocolate, grapes, dairy etc.).
  • Make it a habit to close your washer and dryer (especially if they are front load models) as pets and small children may get stuck if they decide to climb inside the machines.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent your pet from accidental drowning or consuming harmful cleaning solutions.

Bedrooms/Living and Family Rooms

  • Ensure there is nothing on the floor that could pose a potential choking hazard to your pet (i.e. small toys, hair pins, paper clips, pen caps etc.)
  • Secure all dangling wires, as pets love to play with things that are within their reach.
  • Make sure that all air vents are covered. 
  • Ensure that any house plants you have are not potentially poisonous to your pet.
  • If you have a fireplace, ensure that it is covered with a screen, so your pet does not get hurt by the flames or flying ashes.
  • Make sure you have a screen cover on your windows to ensure that you can leave them open without having to worry about your pet escaping.

One helpful thing to remember is that while everyday objects may seem fairly safe and benign to you, they could potentially pose a great risk to the health and wellbeing of your pet. When you decide to open your home to a pet it is important that you take into consideration what you can do to ensure their safety. Just like we are extra careful when toddlers are around, it is important to show similar when welcoming a new pet in your life.  

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