There’s a reason why dogs are often called “man’s best friend”. They have a long history of loyalty and close companionship with humans. They show unconditional love and are content to be with their owners. Pet ownership also brings numerous health benefits. Research has shown that having a pet can reduce stress and even lower blood pressure.


Nothing is more exciting than bringing home a new pet. But it also comes with a number of responsibilities, the first of which is the need to pet proof your home. Pets are naturally curious about their surroundings. Accidents can happen if you don’t take steps to remove or block potential health hazards.


It’s your responsibility to provide a safe environment for the new addition to your family. Here we’ll look at how to pet proof your home room by room in preparation for a dog or cat.

The Living Room

The living room offers a good starting point to pet proof your home as it’s likely where you spend the most time in aside from the bedroom. Let’s start with the most important – Preventing your pet from escaping. Many homes are designed to have the front entrance leading into the living room. Make sure the front door is always closed each time you enter or leave. You can also set up a pet gate to limit the risk of your pet bolting out the front door and to restrict access to other parts of your home.


Place any cords completely out of reach or put covers over them so your pet can’t chew on any dangling cables. If you have any children, make sure to put away any small toys as these are not safe to chew on and could accidentally be ingested. To help you maintain a tidy place that’s safe for your pet, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

The Kitchen

Pets are incredibly smart and will quickly figure out that the kitchen is where all the goodies are. You need to be extra cautious though as this part of the home has many hazards. For example, chocolate is safe for people to eat but it can be fatal to pets in large enough amounts. One risk for you too is that pets (especially cats) can knock things over and send shards flying all over the ground.


Start by installing child safety latches on open cabinets. These locks are simple to install but most importantly make it impossible for your pet to access things they’re not supposed to like cleaning products or snacks. Be sure to keep trash cans tightly sealed. You may have to install a lock for the lid or put the trash can somewhere it’s not easily accessible.

The Bedroom

The bedroom has an array of objects that could potentially be dangerous to your pet. The easiest way to pet proof the bedroom is to prevent access altogether by keeping the door closed. But if your pet insists on staying with you or if you’re not able to close the door, be sure to put away any small objects that could be ingested.


Just like with the living room, clean up any electrical cords by either putting them out of reach or placing a cover over them. Make sure that the windows are also securely closed. As for the bathroom, make sure to install child safety locks on the cabinets and keep any medications or cosmetics off accessible surfaces.

The Garage

The garage is another part of the home that your pet may find irresistible. But with all the tools and harmful chemicals lying around, the garage can quickly spell trouble for your pet if you don’t also pet proof it.


Start by keeping all sharp objects and tools out of reach. Either lock them securely in a box or place them in a cabinet with a latch on it. Then do the same for any toxic chemicals like antifreeze or paint. Even if these are stored in a container, it’s better not to take a chance. Finally, make sure that doors that connect to the garage are always closed.


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