If you’re moving a pet interstate, there are a few factors to consider to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. Find out what you need to know when transporting pets across Australia.

Navigating The Process of Interstate Pet Transport

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) – When transporting a pet interstate, it’s essential to understand that states have different requirements. If you choose the DIY option, you will have to go through the process yourself, do ample research and get in touch with city council officials and animal control services to find out the state rules.

Pet Transport Services Provider – A pet transport company will do all the work for you. They have access to pet travel consultants and usually have licensed vets on their team to ensure a safe, smooth and comfortable trip.

Moving A Pet Interstate: Ways To Do It

Air Shipping – Whilst this method of using planes to transport pets is the most expensive, many pet owners choose this method for its safety. Pets can be checked as baggage, and alternatively, smaller dogs can stay in the cabin, provided they are in crates and can fit under the seat.

Road Travel – Using a land vehicle is another option for moving a pet interstate. It’s less expensive than air travel, and driving with a pet somehow provides pet owners with a sense of security, knowing that their furbaby is with them. Plan ahead to avoid any bumps on the road (no pun intended). 

Using a Pet Transport Company – Pet transport service providers offer moving pets via air and land travel. They usually have door to door, airport to airport, or custom package services. 

Factors To Consider When Moving A Pets Interstate

Restrictions Upon Entry – Some pets can enter without too many restrictions in certain states (usually cats, dogs, and guinea pigs). However, some animals require a permit upon entry, and others are prohibited.

Vaccinations and Quarantine – Check if the state requires specific vaccinations or health certificates before moving. Some states may also apply a mandatory quarantine for pets. It’s best to visit your veterinarian before moving your pet interstate.

Travel Crate – The right type of travel crate can ensure your pet’s safety while in the process of moving. It should be airline approved (if transporting a pet via air).

The Key To A Stress-Free Process Of Moving a Pet Interstate 

Moving to a new place can be distressing to humans and much more for pets. Whilst these animals adapt fairly well to new surroundings and circumstances, they are not always able to deal with all of the changes that occur during transport. 

Pets can be afraid of the new environment and can become anxious and exhibit separation anxiety. As a responsible pet owner, conducting ample research and careful planning are key to making sure the process of moving a pet interstate is as stress-free as possible for you and, most of all, your furbaby.

To find out what rules apply in your state or territory, click HERE.

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