Tips Planning Pet Funeral

Tips for Planning a Pet Funeral

In modern society, pets are more than furry creatures who look cute and are fun to cuddle. In fact, according to the American Human Association, an overwhelming nine in ten owners view their pets as members of the family.

Given the pet’s prominent in today’s households, it is only natural that pet owners experience a profound sense of grief upon the deaths of their most valued friends. Despite stereotypes surrounding ceremonies, pet funerals are certainly not limited to so-called crazy cat ladies. It is more than possible to put together a respectful, legitimate ceremony.

Choose An Appropriate Location For The Service

If you are not a homeowner and found yourself frequently on the move during the time of your pet’s lifespan, engaging in the backyard home burial may not be an option. Fortunately, Pet Angel Funerals offer a complete funeral service in their chapel designed especially for pets on the Gold Coast.

Plan A Touching Ceremony

Give your furry best friend a worthy send-off with such added touches as flowers, touching music and memorial photos. If you have any home videos of you and your family interacting with your cherished pet, be sure to play them for attendees. Not only will this serve as an excellent tribute, it can also provide a touch of relief.  There’s a reason “Australia’s Funniest Home Videos” constantly plays cat and dog capers – they’re hilarious tributes to animals who always make us smile.

Tribute Crafts

Are you a fan of scrapbooking? Put that talent to good use by putting together a scrapbook dedicated to your deceased pet. The simple act of creating such a tribute can be very therapeutic.  Additionally, the activity provides you with a touching keepsake for the future. Include written notes about favourite memories from puppyhood to old age.  Your hard work will create the perfect tribute to the most loyal of friends.

Paw Print Impression

For a truly personal keepsake, consider investing in an impression of your pet’s paw print or nose, many vets offer this service.  You can also choose to take this process a step further by having an imprint made while your pet is still a kitten or puppy, then repeating the process again in old age.

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