Getting settled in your new home with your fur baby is an exciting thought. However, the actual process of moving house with pets can be stressful, especially for your dogs or cats. These animals, in particular, become very attached to their territory so a house move can be extremely disruptive and disorienting. Creating a detailed plan can make the transition smoother.

Follow These Tips When Moving House With Pets

Before Moving

  • Visit your vet a couple of weeks before the move to request for a copy of important documents (e.g. your pet’s medical history, vaccination and desexing certificates). Make sure your pets are up to date with their shots too. Ask about obtaining plug-in diffusers for pheromones that give your pets a calming sensation.
  • Write a checklist of your pet’s possessions including bowls they use during feeding, blankets, toys, food, medications, etc., so you don’t forget to take them with you in your new home.
  • Dogs and cats tend to wander back to their old home so make sure perimeter fencing and walls n the new house are high enough and free from holes as they may try to escape.
  • Pack your pet’s things last. The presence of familiar objects will help comfort them as you complete the move.
  • Make arrangements for pet boarding or pet-sitting scheduled right before or during the day of the move so you can work freely without trying to work around them.

Moving Day

  • Put updated ID tags on. Make sure your pet’s microchip details have your new home address.
  • If your pet is staying with you, confine them in a room in your old house and give them some familiar objects like their toys and blanket.
  • Avoid feeding them right before boarding in the car as they might get travel sick.
  • Safely secure your pet in the vehicle they are to be transported in and give them plenty of water and regular toilet breaks.

Welcome To Your New Home

  • Upon arriving, get your pet settled in a room and before letting them out of their crate, have some of their belongings out so they can feel more comfortable and secure.
  • Unpack essential items from your old home before showing the rest of the house.
  • Leave the washing of their blankets and beddings until about two weeks after so they can smell a familiar scent.
  • Always have a leash on them when going outdoors, at least until they’ve adapted to their new surroundings.
  • Stick to usual routines. Follow the time for feeding, playing, walking and sleeping.

Moving House With Pets: Patience Is Key!

Be patient with your furry babies. Cats and dogs can become anxious in places that are new to them. Initial misbehaviour tends to happen as soon as they realise they are in a new abode. Avoid scolding them and practice more understanding. Throughout the process of moving house with pets, give them lots of attention, reassurance, care and love. In no time, you will see them calm and relaxing with you in your new home.

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