Pets are a huge part of our lives, and when they pass, it can be hard to deal with their loss. Aside from the emotional pain you feel, there is also the practical side of things that must be dealt with. One such thing is getting answers to questions about pet cremation services – what does it involve, and is it the most suitable course of action? Before you decide, here are some things you need to know.

Eight Must Ask Questions About Pet Cremation Services

Here are some questions that you need to ask cremation service providers to learn more about the process. We will also be answering them for you based on Pet Angel Funerals Australia’s policies.

1. What is the process of Pet Cremation?

It is a commonly used technique where the remains are consumed by intense heat. Understanding the pet cremation process will give you a sense of relief, knowing that it’s safe and quite possibly the best option.

2. Where is the pet crematorium located? What areas do you service?

We are an independent, family-owned, and operated, Australian pet crematorium servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern Rivers. 

Choose the provider that is closest or most convenient for you.

3. What does the entire process of your pet cremation services involve?

The Pet Angel team collects your pet from your home or veterinary clinic. We then perform the cremation in our pet crematorium (the most modern in Australia) and deliver the ashes directly to your home or your veterinary clinic. We can accommodate special requests such as cutting a lock of fur and having an ink paw print.

4. How long does pet cremation take?

It varies depending on the pet size. It can take anywhere from one hour for small pets to several hours for larger ones.

5. How much does it cost, and what are the service inclusions?

We have different set packages at affordable price ranges. They include special items such as a certificate of cremation and an engraved plaque. Choose what works with your budget and personal preference.

6. Am I allowed to spend some time with my pet before cremation?

If you weren’t able to see your pet when they passed, we provide an opportunity for you and your family to see them before the cremation. You can have an intimate final farewell in our beautiful Remembrance Room.

7. Can I witness the pet cremation process?

You may observe the beginning of the cremation process in the Pet Angel viewing room. However, this service is only available for the first cremation of the day (early morning).

8. What do you do with the ashes? Do you scatter them?

Pet Angel delivers the ashes back to your home or veterinary clinic within five business days. We also have the option to scatter them on your behalf at Eden Ridge Farm.

Other Questions You Can Ask About Pet Cremation Services:

  • Do pet cremation service providers need a license to operate?
  • What type of training does your staff have?
  • Do you have available payment plan options?
  • Do you honour religious/cultural beliefs?
  • Do you supply the urn? Can I buy my own?
  • Is a visit to the facility possible?

The emotional pain of losing a pet can be overwhelming. If you are faced with the decision to cremate your furbaby, you must understand all aspects before making this choice for them. Pet cremation services vary significantly in cost and quality, so make sure you do your research.

A great tip is to speak with your veterinarian who can refer you to trusted and reliable pet cremation service providers.

If you want to know more about our services, please call us at 1800 738 264. We are available to take your calls Mondays to Sundays, from 8 AM – 6 PM. 

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