If you have ever lost a pet, you would know the heavy sorrow as well as the overwhelming sense of concern surrounding how you will really say goodbye.

If you choose cremation with Pet Angel Funerals, you can rest assured that we have developed our own set of strict processes and procedures that ensures your pet is looked after every step of the way. Most importantly, it means we can guarantee to return the correct set of ashes after you have farewelled your beloved animal. 

Stainless Steel Disc

Our primary form of identification throughout the entire cremation process is a stainless steel disc, engraved with a unique number that is exclusive to your pet alone. Looks alone cannot ensure your animal’s identity, so the disc is a safeguard, providing absolute certainty. For example, some owners might describe their pet as a Border Collie cross breed but when it comes into our care we find it actually looks closer to a Staffy. By attaching a stainless steel disc to your pet’s leg at the start of the process, we can confirm that the correct pet is identified the entire way through and there is no confusion before, during or after cremation.

Process of Maintaining Identification Integrity

The disc is initially attached after your pet has passed.

If your pet was euthanised at the vet, the vet will attach a brand new disc soon after the animal has died. We supply all of our vets with discs and stickers, so that they can help make the process smoother from the early stages. The vet will place a sticker on the bag of your pet and write all required information so that when we collect your pet, we have everything we need. The information will also be relayed to us via telephone when your vet calls us to collect your animal. The details are entered into our system and checked against your pet when their body arrives at our crematorium. We also check the disc upon arrival to ensure it is the correct disc as advised by your vet.

When your pet leaves the mortuary to be cremated, the disc is checked against their files once more. We then remove the disc from their leg and attach it to the front of the exact chamber in which they are being cremated, along with their paperwork. This is done as the disc becomes discoloured and hard to read if kept on during cremation.

When your pet is removed from the chamber after being cremated, their ashes will go into a zip lock bag to protect them from the atmosphere and maintain the integrity of their remains. The bag has the disc number written on it, and the bag sits in a package with the disc itself attached.

Upon placing your pet’s ashes into an urn or specific container of your choosing, we check again that the ashes going into the urn are related to the correct disc number.

Once the urn has been assembled, a second check is performed by another staff member. This check must always be performed by a staff member that has been completely separate from the cremation of your pet and has had nothing to do with any stage of the process up until that point. This staff member will check the disc number once more and ensure the assembly of your pet’s remains and all information is correct. The spelling, number, return date and all components are thoroughly confirmed before we are satisfied to return your pet via our delivery drop-off service.

Why We Do What We Do

Here at Pet Angel Funerals, it is all about ensuring that the pet we are cremating is the pet that we were given, and that we are returning the correct ashes to an owner. Our unique processes and procedures were developed for this exact reason and all staff are required to closely follow them.

We deeply understand the heartache associated with the loss of a pet and strive to ensure that the process is as dignified as possible and without any error that could be distressing to you as an owner. 

If you would like more information about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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