Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never an easy time. There are many unanswered questions surrounding where our pets go after they leave us, whether they will be happy and at peace, and what the process is like if you decide to have them cremated.

Cremation is a peaceful way for owners to say goodbye to the pets, yet have a tangible way of remembering them. It offers the choice to keep their beloved furry friends in a beautiful urn within their home or placed within a necklace or teddy bear. The ashes can be divided between family and friends or they can choose to spread their pet’s ashes in a place that is special or memorable. 

The Cremation Process

Many people often wonder what their pet’s ashes are made of – the truth is that it is no different to a human. Your pet’s body is primarily composed of water, carbon and bone. When placed inside the crematory, the high temperature rapidly vapourises all organic matter (including tissues, organs and teeth) through a form of oxidation. It also causes all water in the body to immediately evaporate. Water vapour and any bodily gases are released through an exhaust system, leaving only bone fragments in the chamber at the end of the process.

Once the bone fragments have cooled, they are gently swept out from the chamber by an expert cremator, who carefully processes them through a special machine that turns them into a dense sand, commonly known as ‘cremains’ or ‘ashes’. 

What Are The Ashes Comprised Of?

Once the fragments have been processed through the machine, they usually take the form of a pale to dark grey powder, which is similar in appearance to grainy sand. The ashes you receive after cremation has occurred are bone fragments. All traces of organic, carbon-based matter disappear through the cremation process and all bodily fluids evaporate through the exhaust system of the crematory. The only remaining substance after cremation is the skeletal structure of your pet, and occasionally small amounts of salts or minerals within the bone fragments that are absorbed into the bones throughout their life, which remain in their skeleton after they pass away.

Medical Implants or Other Foreign Materials

If your pet had any sort of medical implant such as titanium plates or screws, these will not be destroyed by the cremation process, however, will be removed from the ashes prior to them being returned to you. At Pet Angel Funerals, all foreign materials (including collars) are labelled, dated and named, and will be kept for a period of time after cremation has occurred. Unless a client specifically requests for these materials to be returned with their pet’s ashes, these will be kept in storage until eventually disposed of if not claimed.

Many people choose to send their pet’s favourite toy or blanket into the chamber to be cremated alongside them. Although this may not end up in the final ashes that you will receive back after the process is complete, you can take solace knowing that your pet’s favourite comfort was with them as they were cremated. It is a touching way to perform a final send-off for your animal, and gives many people the ultimate comfort knowing that they ensured their beloved furry friend felt secure all the way until the end.

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