The 20th of February is very special for all pets. On this day, we celebrate “Love Your Pet Day”. Although every day should be a lovefest for these wonderful animals, this pet holiday is an initiative that encourages all pet parents to give extra attention, care and love to all their fur babies. 

Love Your Pet Day Fun Aussie Fact

Do you know that Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world? There are 29 million pets all over the country! 61% of households have pets, with dogs being the most common (40%) followed by cats (27%). Australia is indeed a country of pet lovers.

Here Are 5 Ways To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

Treats and Toys

Everybody loves presents and so do pets, whether it’s something they can play with or chew. Visit the pet store and get them some new delicious treats or perhaps make some healthy doggie biscuits or kitty treats, homemade style! 

You can also get entertaining toys for dogs and interactive gadgets for cats that stimulate their minds and bodies. They will surely love it. 

A Fun Getaway

Take your cherished furball on a fun day out. Here are some ideas:

  • Spend the day sightseeing in the city. 
  • Let your dogs roam free in dog parks.
  • Enjoy some sun, sand and water at the beach.
  • Visit beautiful pet-friendly destinations.

Whether it’s just a drive or a more extended holiday you’re taking with your precious pet, make sure you plan it to avoid any travel hiccups along the way.

Spa / Grooming Day

Give your pets some relaxation time as they pretty up for Love Your Pet Day. Book an appointment to the animal groomer for proper nail and hair care. Take it up a notch and check out pet hotels that offer relaxing spa baths and therapeutic massages for your adorable pooches.

Strike a Pose

Make your pet a model for a day! Book a photo shoot with a professional pet photographer. Choose to have it inside the studio, your home or any stunning location. Get copies that you can post on your (or your pet’s) social media accounts so your family and friends can have a dose of cuteness for the day. You can also put the photos in frames and display them in your home.

Celebrate Love Your Pet Day Even If You Have No Pets

No pets? No worries. If you’re one of many people who love animals but are still not ready to share their home with a beloved pet, you can still join in the fun. 

Check out cat cafes in your area and enjoy a relaxing coffee time while petting lovely felines. You can also spend the day at a shelter where you can meet tonnes of rescue animals needing some cuddles and care. Volunteer for a day or donate to provide help to these abandoned furbabies. 

Love Your Pet Day Means Spending Time Together

Ultimately, this special day is all about being with a pet, spending quality time and doing things you enjoy together. Shower your pets with attention, more playtime and cuddles, and you’ll surely give them the best Love Your Pet Day!

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