Any pet parent can attest that their fur babies can sometimes misbehave. Dogs are curious animals, and they tend to get into mischief, especially when they are bored or craving attention. Fortunately, there are ways to encourage positive dog behaviour.

Here Are 5 Ways To Encourage Positive Dog Behaviour

1. Create a Routine

Your pet has to adjust to your routine, or your family’s, not vice versa. This makes it clear that you are in charge. This also sets their expectations on what activities they should do within the day.

2. Feed them a Nutritious Dog-Appropriate Diet

What your dogs eat can affect their behaviour. Anxiety, hyperactivity, irritation, and being destructive can be directly linked to eating the wrong food. Stick to set meal times and discourage people from giving your pet food every time they beg. Resist feeling guilty when your pup shows their cute ‘begging for food’ face.

3. Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

Dogs need enough exercise to drain their energy. Excess energy can make them restless, noisy, anxious, hyperactive AND destructive! The amount of exercise depends on the breed of your dog, but a daily walk is ideal.

4. Encourage Your Dog to Relax

Some dogs are naturally hyperactive. You get up, and they’ll get up too, wanting attention. This is a type of attention-seeking behaviour, and as pet parents, we may find it endearing at first and we reward it with affection…until it gets too much to handle. This gives your dog the impression that they automatically get cuddles or pets every time they do this.

Don’t interact with them in any way or make any comment when this happens. Instead, catch them relaxing quietly and give them a treat or affection so they will know that relaxing is a good behaviour deserving of a treat.

5. Recognize Positive Dog Behaviour and Praise Them

Encourage positive dog behaviour by using a ‘praise and reward’ system. Every time your furry friend shows good behaviour, give them a reward. Don’t limit it to treats that they can eat. Praising them with your words, cuddling and petting them are also effective (and free) rewards.

A well-trained puppy is a dream for any new pet parent. With proper training, dedication, consistency, and showering them with even more love, your four-legged, pawsome companion will always be on their best behaviour.

If your pet shows strange behaviour, please speak with your vet so you can be advised appropriately.

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