Bye-Bye, Buh-ber

My nineteen-month-old daughter has a new word: Buh-ber. Normally I would be thrilled by this development, but it’s her word for Booker, the name of our fifteen-year-old dog, who I was hoping would die before she learned to name him. Of course, what I really want is for Booker to...
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Heroic Stories of Australia’s True Underdogs

Dogs play an important role in our lives each and every day but every now and again a dog will do something which truly inspires us. All too often when Dogs are featured in the news it’s for all the wrong reasons. This drove us to seek out some inspirational and heart-warming...
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Pet Cremation Conspiracy Theory

The Pet Cremation Conspiracy Theory and the hardest lesson I have ever learned – A story from a pet owner I hate conspiracy theories, I am not a believer but I think I have uncovered one! This is probably the hardest article I have ever written. Usually writing comes pretty...
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