The loss of a pet is an emotionally trying time for a pet parent. They have been your companion, your best friend and a cherished part of the family. When the sad day comes, you would want to know how to prepare your pet’s funeral so you can give them a loving tribute that they truly deserve.

Remembering your pet with a ceremony or a final send-off can provide you with some solace and an opportunity to reminisce on the happy times and say goodbye to your treasured animal friend.

Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is a popular choice for many pet owners who what to keep the ashes of their furry family members close by. This is part of how to prepare your pet’s funeral.

At this difficult time, you can arrange the collection of your cherished pet from your home or a chosen veterinary clinic. Your pet’s ashes are then returned to you in either a scatter box or pet urn.

Hire the services of a funeral home like Pet Angel to do the complete cremation service. Funeral homes are staffed with people who understand the grief that a pet loss can bring. You pets are guaranteed to be handled with care and compassion.

At Pet Angel, we offer additional services such as giving all customers the option of having a paw print and lock of fur at no additional cost. We also allow you to provide your own urn or if you do not wish to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, we will scatter them in a dignified manner on your behalf.

What To Do With Your Pet’s Ashes

Once the ashes have been returned to you in a scatter box or urn, you may wish to keep them in a special spot in your home. Some people prefer to have their pet’s remains close by as this gives them a sense that their pet is with them. Put up beautiful photos of your pet around the urn or box so you can remember all the happy memories you’ve shared.

Some people prefer to scatter the ashes in a dedicated urn garden or in their favourite spot in your garden.

How To Prepare Your Pet’s Funeral Ceremony

When the ashes are returned to you, commemorate your beloved pet with a pet funeral ceremony. There’s no hard rule to follow for a pet funeral, but here are some ideas on how to prepare your pet’s funeral ceremony. A ceremony can be a loving send-off at home or in another special place.

  1. Invite Family and Friends: Ask those who have been a significant part of your pet’s life to join you and participate in parts of the ceremony.
  2. Light Candles: Light candles and allow some time for reflection.
  3. Read Poems / Sing Songs / Play Music: This a comforting way to express grief and good-byes.
  4. Share Memories: Tell stories about your pet and consider asking others to do the same. This will lighten the mood especially when funny stories are shared.
  5. Display Photos / Play Videos: Show how happy, active and sweet your pet was with photos and videos. These are also great conversation openers with your guests as you tell them the story behind every image.


Coming to terms with the passing of your pet takes time and a lot of tears. Take it one day a time. Talk to people you trust and love to find comfort. Over time, remembering your furry friend will be less painful and will only be filled with happy memories that you made together.

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