One of the most difficult things about having a pet is that they don’t live long enough; it’s never easy to come to terms with losing them. It brings the feeling of sorrow, grief, and even guilt that we may forget these wonderful animals in time. To keep their memories alive, here are pet memorial ideas that will surely touch your heart.

5 Beautiful Pet Memorial Ideas To Honour Your Furbaby

Hold a Memorial Service

The memorial service is a time for family members to come together, share stories, memories, and offer support. Children, especially, are extra vulnerable, so holding a ceremony celebrating their pet can help them cope. Let them participate in the activities if they prefer.

You can have it at home, but if it’s challenging to have everyone physically attend, schedule a live video call and do the service online. Suppose you favour a different place, specifically designed for families to have an intimate and comfortable farewell, our lovely Remembrance Room can be used as a place to hold the ceremony. 

There are so many ways to hold a pet funeral service that is simple yet heartfelt.

Make a Donation in your Pet’s Name

Another pet memorial idea is to donate to an animal welfare organisation in your pet’s name. Not only are you honouring your furry friend, but it’s also an opportunity to help aid other animals with their needs. 

Some reputable organisations are RSPCA Queensland, Animal Welfare League Australia and Pet Rescue. You can also choose local animal foundations in your community.

Have a Portrait Made.

A portrait could be the perfect reminder of your pet. It can be a photorealistic image, an abstract or any other artwork representing how you want to remember them. 

Pet Pawtraits by Jilly Gray are beautiful paintings that exquisitely show your pet’s character. Have your favourite photo of your pet painted to immortalise your furbaby and have their happy selves displayed in your home.

Get a Memorial Keepsake

What better way to cherish your pet than with beautiful memorial products? From a variety of items made with their ashes like those created by Ash to Art, cuddly stuffed memory bears, elegant jewellery, key chains, stones to plaques, choose something that you can have forever and will perfectly celebrate your pet’s life.

Give Them a Pet Cremation Service

Every pet deserves to have their remains handled with the utmost care and respect. Pet cremation is the safer and more dignified option than burying them in your backyard. 

Choose a pet cremation service company that has the reputation of treating pets in the highest regard. It is also essential that their service is designed to make the entire process as stress free for you as possible. 

Pet Angel Funerals is the only independent, family-owned pet crematorium servicing Brisbane and Gold Coast. We are a team of dedicated pet lovers providing full door to door pet cremation service – we collect, cremate and deliver.

Pet Memorial Ideas: Choose What You Feel Represents Your Pet 

In the end, no matter how you commemorate them, it is important to keep their memories alive. The love they brought into your lives will always be with you, and these pet memorial ideas are a great way to honour that.

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