As a pet parent, you’re always looking for ways to make taking care of your furbabies easier. From keeping your pet healthy and entertained to ensuring they’re safe, there are plenty of tech gadgets for pet owners that can help. Try some of them and see how they work for you and your pets.

Helpful Tech Gadgets For Pet Owners

Auto Food and Water Dispensers

More and more people recognise the value of advances in pet tech. These include automated food and water dispensers that connect wirelessly to your smartphone. They allow you to feed your furballs from anywhere, even when you’re out working or running errands. Some auto feeders dispense food at your set time, ensuring that your pet follows routine feeding time. Others help with your pet’s weight management as they have a portion control feature. There are also feeding tech gadgets for pet owners that play a pre-recorded message to call your dogs or cats when it’s chow time. 

Motion-activated water fountains, which turn themselves on when your pet approaches and then turn off when they leave, are also a big hit.

Fitness Monitors

We all know how popular human fitness trackers have become in recent years, and it’s no surprise that dogs are getting into the trend too. These smart devices typically go on your pup’s collar to monitor their daily activity levels, as well as provide information about what they’ve done throughout each day. It’s like Fitbit for dogs. 

Tracking Devices

No fur parent wants to lose their pet. That’s why one of the most sought after pet technology is tracking apps and wearables. With one click of a button, these nifty gadgets let you keep tabs on your pet’s movements, whether they’re at home or stray beyond the boundaries. 

Some tracking devices also monitor your pet’s temperature, letting you know if they have a fever. They can also warn you of potential heat stroke, which is extremely dangerous for your furbaby. These wearables can also monitor your pet’s mood, letting you know if they’re not feeling well.

High tech Toys

There’s no need to worry about your pet getting bored when you’re not around because there are tech gadgets for pet owners designed as toys. Some great options include automated tennis ball launchers, light up balls to play fetch at night, and robot toys perfect for cats to chase. These high tech toys are sure to keep them happy and entertained.

Tech Gadgets for Pet Owners are Here to Stay and Become Even Better

Technology has come a long way! Today, plenty of gadgets can make taking care of your pet easier and more fun than ever. If you’re looking for ways to keep your furbaby healthy, entertained and safe, try some tech gadgets for pet owners. Make sure you shop from reputable online stores such as Petsafe or Pet Circle to find what you need, or ask your vet for great recommendations. 

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