When a beloved pet passes away, it can be difficult to decide what to do with their remains. Although Pet Cremation is a popular option, many people don’t know the Pet Cremation process, how it works and what to expect. This blog will explore Pet Cremation and answer some common questions many pet parents may have. 

What is Pet Cremation?

Cremation is a technical heating process whereby the remains are placed inside a cremator and exposed to very high heat. For many people, this thought alone happening to their cherished furbaby, is distressing. 

Pet parents would prefer a backyard burial as it seems the most convenient. However, it is important to understand that this is not always a practical and safe option and should be avoided. Burying pets can be a potential health risk and environmental hazard.

As a safer aftercare option Pet Cremation can also be done respectfully and with dignity. 

Pet Angel’s Step by Step Pet Cremation Process

  1. Once we collect a pet from either the family’s home or a veterinary clinic, we bring them to our facility, one of Australia’s most modern pet crematoriums.
  2. We follow strict ethical standards of separation by using a unique tagging system. Each pet has their identification tag from the moment they are collected and brought into our care. Throughout the Pet Cremation process, we match this tag with every piece of paperwork to ensure we deliver your exact pet aftercare arrangements. 
  3. After discussing the aftercare arrangements and fulfilling any special requests from the pet parents (e.g. viewing before the cremation, collection lock of fur, paw print), the pet’s remains are placed in our purpose-built separate chamber cremators, designed for individual pet cremations. 
  4. With a required heat as high as 800-1,100 degrees Celsius, the body will then be turned to ashes after about one to a few hours, depending on the pet’s size.
  5. If requested, using a magnet or through manual inspection, our crematorium staff then inspects for any presence of metal within the ashes, such as surgical pins, rods, and tags. Any items will be given back to the pet’s family.
  6. Each chamber can only hold one pet at each time to ensure only your pet’s ashes are returned. Once the ashes have cooled down, we place them in beautiful, individual urn packages and deliver them to the preferred address of the pet owner.
  7. For those who do not want to receive their pet’s ashes back, we also have the option to have them scattered in a dignified manner at Eden Ridge Farm.
  8. From Collection, Cremation to Delivery, the entire Pet Cremation process will take a few days.

Pet Angel Provides High Quality, Respectful Pet Cremation Process 

With Pet Angel, we guarantee to treat your furbaby like our own. Our staff are also pet lovers and understand that a pet’s passing is an extremely difficult time. Our goal is to make this transition period as stress-free as possible for you. We want to provide you with a sense of relief and trust that your furbaby will be respected throughout the Pet Cremation process and given a dignified and graceful send off to the Rainbow Bridge.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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