When one loses a cherished pet, it seems that the pain will never go away, and it’s true, it really doesn’t. There will always be fleeting moments of sadness, but pet parents will get better at coping with the pain in time. In the meantime, giving pet memorial gifts or having one made for yourself in the event of losing a pet is a beautiful, kind and comforting gesture that can help make the grieving process a little easier.  

10 Best Pet Memorial Gifts You Can Give

When choosing pet memorial gifts, make sure they are lovely, thoughtful items that spark happy memories about the pet. Personalise them by having the pet’s name, photo, or paw print details on them. Here are some examples:

Stuffed Animals or Toys

Hugging a soft, cuddly stuffed animal or toy can be what a pet owner needs during moments of sadness and loneliness. These cute pet memorial gifts are ideal for giving to children who may be missing their pet.

Jewellery, Trinkets

Wearing a piece of pet memorial jewellery is a beautiful way to honour an animal that passed. They can be in the form of lockets that can hold a pet’s ashes, necklaces, rings and bracelets that some jewellers can personalise.


A lasting keepsake that can even add elegance to a home is pieces of artwork—Commission a painting, portrait, drawing, or sculpture using the dog’s or cat’s photo as inspiration.

Items Made Out of Pet’s Ashes

Have items such as jewellery, pendants, figurines, candleholders, and flower vases made out of the pet’s ashes. When giving it to someone as pet memorial gifts, do not forget to ask permission to use the pet’s ashes from the pet owner.

Personalised Memory Box

Making a personalised memory box is an easy, inexpensive way to show someone that they’re in your thoughts as they grieve. They can use the box to put in all their pet’s things, such as dog collars, leash, food and water bowls. If your family lost a pet and you have children, having the little ones participate in making a memory box is an excellent idea to bond with them. 

Photo Album

Collect several photos that show the pet’s unique connection with their pet parent and put them all in a photo album. Whether they are the traditional, physical photo album or in digital form, it’s a thoughtful pet memorial gift that can surely give a grieving pet owner a smile on their face.

Handmade Quilts

Handmade memory quilts are among the most personalised pet memorial gifts you can give. They are a lasting tribute way to remember a pet using a collection of images. An excellent quilter can incorporate personal pet memories within the placement of the pictures, colours and fabrics used. 

Give Pet Memorial Gifts as an Offer of Support

As they say, time heals all wounds, and this is particularly true when losing a pet. Giving pet memorial gifts to grieving pet parents not only helps them cope with not having their pet anymore, but it is also another way of showing support. These lovely items can give them a feeling that someone cares and that they’re not alone as they heal.

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