In addition to keeping yourself healthy and safe, it’s advised as a pet parent to have a pet preparation plan during COVID-19. The plan ensures that you can provide for your pet during the lockdown period. It also includes other provisions and arrangements for your pets if you need to go to the hospital.

Include These In Pet Preparation Plan During For COVID-19

Stock Up On Essential Needs

As many parts of the country are in lockdown, people are advised to stay home and limit going out. With this, running to the store to get your pet’s needs may be more difficult. Make sure to have at least two weeks’ worth of these pet essentials.

Here are some examples:

  • Pet Food
  • Prescription Veterinary Diet
  • Medications
  • Dog shampoo and conditioner
  • Kitty litter
  • Poo bags (for dogs)
  • Pee pads
  • Grass potty

Prepare Pet Documents and Identification

Keep all essential documents relating to your pet in an accessible place.

Include these documents:

  • A photo of you and your pet for identification
  • Registration
  • Microchip details
  • Vaccination information
  • Medical history
  • Pre-filled out boarding/admission form for accommodation facilities
  • Contact details of veterinarian, family and friends

You can also consider secondary forms of identification, such as dog tags or collar.

Designate A Pet Parent Buddy

Find a trusted neighbour or relative who can look after your pet (preferably someone your pet knows) if you need to go to the hospital. Make sure they have access to your home. Mark all food and medications with clear instructions and prepare a day planner of your pet’s routine. Have an emergency call list available which includes your veterinarian and veterinary clinics.

Research on Emergency Accommodation Facilities

Include emergency accommodation facility near you in your pet preparation plan. Research the boarding process, pre-fill out paperwork in advance so that in case you need to go to the hospital. Have transport crates and leashes ready too. Most boarding facilities require your pet to have up to date vaccinations.

Prepare a List of Indoor Activities

Keep your pets active and entertained with a list of fun and enriching indoor activities. Have 30 minutes of one on one playtime or interaction, provide them with new toys, exercise in your garden or watch training videos online.

Write Your Pet Preparation Plan Today

The COVID-19 global pandemic continuously affects Australia and most parts of the world. There are still so many things to discover about this virus. Now is as good a time as any to set up a pet preparation plan. It will give you a sense of relief knowing that your furry baby is taken care of in case of emergencies.

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