The hardest thing about losing a pet is the loss and absence of their love. There are many sentimental ways to keep your pet’s ashes or you may choose some special alternatives to farewell your pet after cremation.

Pet Angel Funerals will care for all your cremation needs and has a range of products to care for your pet’s ashes.

More often than not, a family will choose one of our beautiful Personalised Pet Urns, with an image of their pet on the front.

Having your pet remain close to you is a very common way of dealing with grief, which is why people often decide to hold their pet’s ashes in specially-made jewellery. We have a beautiful array of sentimental locket designs. You may like to take your pet’s ashes wherever you go with a personalised keyring. Your child may like a Memory Bear, which holds a small portion of ash inside a red tin heart baring your pet’s name.

We also offer Keepsake urns in a range of styles and designs that can represent your late animal’s unique qualities and characteristics. These urns can hold a portion of your pet’s ashes if you wish to scatter the remainder.

Families often decide to scatter their pet’s ashes at a nature location that their pet loved. It can be cathartic to leave your pet’s ashes in their favourite park, beach or forest. It is important when scattering ashes in public places that you have permission to do so. 

Another beautiful idea is to grow a life after the loss of a life. As the great outdoors is a common love of pets, it has become a popular idea to grow a tree memorial using a bio urn and choosing a plant of your choice. Find more info at 

If you want to “go out with a bang” and create a spectacular memorial display for your pet, Howards Fireworks places your pet’s ashes into handmade aerial shell fireworks so you can have a colourful sparks of fire as you celebrate the life of your beloved pet.

To take the first step in grieving the loss of your pet by cremating them, go to our website

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