It’s a difficult situation to face, but sometimes pet parents must deal with the passing of their beloved animal companions in their own homes. If you find yourself in this situation, there are some necessary steps to take to ensure that your pet’s final time is dignified and respectful. This article talks about what to do when a pet passes in your home.

What To Do When A Pet Passes In Your Home

Whether your pet says goodbye unexpectedly or you have known it was coming for some time because of their age or health condition, the passing of your cherished pet is still distressing. When it happens, always remember to stay calm and follow these steps.

Call your veterinarian.

Immediately get in touch with your veterinarian, who can provide appropriate medical advice about the situation.

Make sure your pet has actually passed.

Strange as it may sound, be sure your pet has indeed passed. All too often, people think the animal is no longer with them, when in fact, they are just transitioning. At this stage, it’s natural that their breathing is very shallow, and they lie motionless. Check for their pulse and listen closely to their breathing.

Place a towel under their mouth and tail – elevate head.

When a pet passes, decomposition starts fairly quickly, and the muscles begin to relax, resulting in body fluids possibly leaking. It may not happen immediately for those that have not eaten or dehydrated animals. Place a towel, blanket, trash bags or potty pads under their tail to prepare for when nature takes its course. To avoid leaking from the mouth or nose, elevate your pet’s head by placing a rolled up towel or pillow under their head or chin.

Let other pets smell them.

If you have other pets at home, let them smell the body and speak to them to let them know what’s happening. By doing so, you’re allowing them to grieve, and they won’t wonder where their buddy has gone.

Position their body correctly.

If possible, tuck your pet in properly with their front and back legs tight into their body when they pass so they can be transported safely. Make sure their limbs are correctly positioned and wrapped up with blankets or containers.

Arrange for collection for Pet Cremation.

If you have decided to go for pet cremation, call Pet Angel so our trained staff can bring your furbaby into our care. Our team of dedicated pet lovers is committed to making you and your family feel some relief knowing that your pet will be treated in the most respectful and dignified way. We understand how difficult this time is, so we make the process of Collection, Cremation and Delivery of ashes back to you as stress-free as possible for you.

What To Do When A Pet Passes In Your Home: Do not be Ashamed to Ask for Help

Seek professional assistance as necessary. Consult with your veterinarian or call a pet cremation service provider. If it’s personal support you need, phone a friend or family for comfort so they can be with you as you grieve.

Know that you don’t have to handle it on your own when a heartbreaking situation such as a pet passing in your home happens. There is always help.

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